Friday, April 20, 2007

An Important Discovery

I have discovered an important truth: There is a limited amount of Cleanness in the world and each household is allotted a certain amount (some are given more than others.) I’ve found that I have just enough Cleanness for one room in my house to be Clean at a time- two if I spread it out pretty thinly. It doesn’t matter how hard I try to get my entire house clean, I will never succeed because I simply haven’t been allotted enough Cleanness.

Discovering this truth has made my life a lot easier. I now know that I’m not a failure at housekeeping- I’m just a victim of poor Cleanness distribution. I can relax now because really, who am I to try to defy the laws of Clean?


Raquel said...

It puts a whole new light on those scary people who actually keep their houses clean, doesn't it? They're hogging all the Clean!

barb said...

I think I used up my allotment about 2 years ago. Concidentally, that's about the same time I aquired two dogs.