Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fun and Games

I have the goofiest and cutest family ever. I hope you all particularly enjoy Malachi's little rump flying high.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Tender Moment

You may want to enlarge this picture to get the full effect.

Friday, March 24, 2006

My Sister the Lavender Faerie

Elizabeth hosted a Faerie Tea Party yesterday and the kids and I had a marvelous time. We all dressed up as different faeries (Malachi was a Leprechaun.) I'm sure I'll share more pictures from that event later, but for now here is the Lavender Faerie.


It's hard to believe that anyone could be this cute.


As you can probably tell I have recently acquired a digital camera. My sweet husband gave it to me for my birthday. So you, my faithful readers, will be experiencing the benefits as I post my various photographic endeavors. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Arianna!

Could someone of the S.Ben-Ezra household make sure that Arianna sees this? Thank you!

Today is an extra-special-super-duper-fantastically-wonderful day: it’s Arianna’s Birthday! Arianna was the first grandchild born in my family and therefore my first niece. I fell in love with that beautiful girl the first time I held her in the hospital shortly after she was born. With her chubby cheeks and cute little Ben-Ezra nose she looked absolutely perfect. Even though she’s lost her chubbiness over the years, her beauty is ever growing. Arianna is an artistic girl with a flamboyancy like that of her Grandma B and she is learning to use that creativity to serve God in her life. I suppose one reason I’ve always connected well with Arianna is because she reminds me so much of me. It’s scary, I know, but I’m hoping she’ll turn out okay nonetheless.

Arianna, you are growing into a caring and loving young lady. I’m looking forward to seeing what amazing things God will do through you. You are a very special kid. You are a daughter of the High King. Don’t ever forget that. You are a princess.
I love you- Happy Birthday.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Monday, March 20, 2006

A Story

There was a lull in the battle. The enemy had fallen back and was regrouping. I knew that when the next attack came it would be even worse than this one so I tried to take advantage of the time to rest. I bent down to clean my bloodied sword on the grass. I looked down at my armor that was covered with the gore of my enemies, my comrades and my own wounds. I lifted my eyes and saw my General sitting nearby just off the field of battle. I walked to him. As I drew nearer to him I saw his kind eyes turn toward me and his face looked so sorrowful as he beheld my weary, filthy figure staggering toward him. He held his arms out to me and suddenly I felt like a child instead of a fierce warrior. I climbed up into his lap. He folded his arms around me, embracing me in a warmth and love that I had almost forgotten existed. The fears of the battle, the horrors I had seen and the wounds of the day all bore heavily on my mind and I wept. I don’t know how long I sat there curled up in his arms like a child sobbing for all the hurt that I knew. I tried to speak, but my voice came out in spasms through my tears, “Why? Why do I have to fight? Why do I have to hurt? Why?” He said nothing. I raised my head and looked out at the battlefield. I saw many bodies lying dead- some were of my enemies that I had slain, but some were my friends, those I had fought along side with. I turned to hide my face from the wretched scene and I looked up at the General’s face. To my surprise I saw that his face was wet with tears silently streaming down his face. As I watched him weep I saw on his brow the familiar scars and felt on his hands the old wounds from war. He turned his eyes to meet mine. “It is not wrong to weep, child, for the pain felt here on this field of death. I, too, have felt the pangs of death. Child, go and fight now, for you fight for me and this battle will not always rage.” He paused and I saw in his eyes a fire that burned hot with fury. I hid my face. “The enemy will not win this war!” I felt the earth tremble as he spoke these words. His voice softened and he lifted my face to his. “For I have already gained the victory.” I didn’t understand these words, but I knew they were true. “Go now, child, the enemy is approaching once again. It is time to fight.” I turned to leave him, but he caught my arm and gently turned me toward himself. He reached his scarred hand to my face which was still wet with tears and, brushing his hand across my cheek, he gathered my tears into his hand. He folded his hand around the tears and once again looked me in the eye. “I will not forget these tears.” He opened his hand and every one of my tears had turned into the purest diamonds. I gripped my sword, turned and walked back to face the battle.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Any Suggestions?

I have been trying to make healthier foods for my family lately. I have succeeded in making a few new things such as granola and yogurt, but I’m still looking for different foods to try to make. I’ve made whole wheat noodles that came out decently for a first try and my homemade bread is really good, but I’d really like any tips or suggestions that anyone may have to offer. I’m feeling a little lost as to how to improve our diet (though, Crystal, you have been very helpful!) so any help that anyone could offer would be much appreciated. I’m particularly interested in noodle recipes and ways to make good noodles without a noodle-maker. Thank you!

Friday, March 17, 2006

I Made Granola!

It's not life-changing news I know, but I'm just so pleased by the success of last night’s granola-making endeavors. The last time I had tried to make granola it turned out to be a half-burnt, stale tasting substance with petrified raisins mixed in. My dear husband was a trooper and attempted to eat the stuff just to be kind to me (now that's what I call true love!). This time, though, he actually likes my granola!
Today's adventure: Yogurt-making. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Story Time

“Hey, kids, do you want to read a book? Okay, climb up on my lap. Lily, sit still. Once upon a time- Yes, Malachi that is a doggy- Once upon a time there lived- I know the doggy says “ruff, ruff.” Now listen to the story- There lived a king- I see the picture of grapes in the book, Lily- This king was- Yes, you may pretend to eat the grapes. This king was a- That’s fine, Lily, you may share your grapes with Malachi. Malachi, yes I know the doggy goes “ruff, ruff.” Now listen- This king was a good king- Oh, Lily, I’m sorry, Malachi must have thought your finger was a grape. You need to be careful when you share with him. Malachi be gentle with Lily. Now where are we? Oh yes- This good king ruled- No thank you, I don’t want any grapes- Oh, now there goes the phone.”

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

My brother, Jonathan, is what you might call the “cool” brother. Seth is getting better in his old age, but Jonathan still outranks him in coolness. Growing up, it was Jonathan who always got me in trouble, but I didn’t mind so much because he was just so much fun! He was the one that would dig tunnels under the garage with me and let me play with his Transformers. He had these neat action figures that had a small space ship thing and we’d try rig up a way for the ship “fly”. I think we used some of Mom’s leftover yarn as line for it to glide on and it never really worked that well, but still, it was amazing! Even when he was a teenager and always going out with his friends, he made me feel like I wasn’t the annoying little sister tagging along. I almost thought I was cool just like my big brother. His favorite football team was (and is) the 49ers so, of course, that was my favorite team, too. I really didn’t understand football and watching a game bored me to death, but I was a 49ers fan because Jonathan was and I wanted to be just like him. Like every brother and sister, we didn’t always get along so great, but now, somehow we’ve ended up as friends. We live about a million miles away from each other and we don’t play with little action figures anymore, but as I watch him live and work and care for Carrie and love her and try to follow where God wants him to go and not be afraid of what anyone thinks of him or what he has to say, I am amazed that he is my brother and I’m so proud to be his sister. So I guess you could say that I still want to be just like my big brother.
Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

For my Dad

On a March 22nd I entered this life
The labor was over and you kissed your tired wife.
We sat in that old Boston rocking chair
You rocked and held me with loving care.
Fast forward now to my “terrible twos”
Let’s start the spankings on my poor caboose!
Oh, you were mean to paddle me so!
But now I see- yes, now I know
You spanked out of love to show me the way
To guide my small soul to heaven someday.
Skip then to my teenage life-
Did I really act that way and cause so much strife?
I remember our talks about God and His grace
I remember your words and the look on your face.
Sometimes your talks went in one ear and out the other-
Especially those talks about “Obey your mother!”
Golly, was I mean and a spoiled little brat!
And yet you still loved me- imagine that.
You remind me of someone I know very well-
Of the One whose hands always caught me when I fell.
You know who I mean, you know Him, too.
And you know how I met Him? It’s because of you.
I heard our Father’s voice first speaking through you
And my mind’s picture of Him looks something like you, too.
There were times, I remember, when I thought you were mad,
But where would I be now if you weren’t my dad?
You’ve shown me God’s love and how sometimes it can burn.
You were patient with me even when I refused to learn.
So thank you, Dad, for all that you’ve done-
For teaching me the beauty of trusting in God’s Son
For sitting in a Mazda on a cold March night
And telling me of Heaven and its unquenchable light.
I don’t deserve to have you for my father
Thank you, my second favorite dad, for loving this daughter.

P.S. You can tell I love you and appreciate what you do
Because look- I’ve gone and married someone who’s just like you!

Monday, March 13, 2006

My Thanks to Steppenwolf

Today I made a magic carpet out of blue paper. The kids took their seats on it and with Faeries' wings to help us along, our Magic Carpet soared over the kitchen floor.

My life can sometimes drive me crazy, but there's nowhere I'd rather be then flying with my two favorite little people.

Women of Valor

Happy Monday the 13th! For all you Garfield fans out there you will know that Monday the 13th was the worst possible day for the Fat Cat and I usually get a kick out of seeing this particular date pop up every now and then. Today, though, my mind is not dwelling on an imaginary orange cat, but rather on three rather extraordinary women. Now I’m sure you are wondering, “What woman could possible take the place of Garfield in anyone’s mind?” Good question. You see, March 13th was my Grandma Ben-Ezra’s birthday and thinking about her put me in mind of two other rather spectacular women who have all gone on to their reward. I thought I’d honor these three woman in one blog post.

“She girds herself with strength,
And strengthens her arms.” Proverbs 31:17

Eloise Ben-Ezra, my dad’s mom, died several years ago, but no matter how long ago she died it would be impossible for anyone who had known her to ever forget her. “Flamboyant” was a word that was often used to describe her. She was also one on the strongest women I have ever know. She had a will of iron and a heart of steel and was full of the grace of God. I remember borrowing her Bible one time and seeing all the different notes she had written next to various verses and I remember thinking, “Wow, my grandma really loves God. I want to be like her when I get bigger.” Even when she was dying of cancer, Grandma trusted her Father to carry her through. She fought long and hard in this life and she had, by God’s grace, the strength to fight well.

“She extends her hand to the poor,
Yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy.” Proverbs 31:20

Edna Tanner lived across the street from my family when I was growing up. She died a few years ago in a nursing home. The thing that Mrs. Tanner will forever be remembered for in my family, was her doughnuts. She had worked at Mighty Fine Doughnuts and she would bring home the day-old doughnuts that couldn’t be sold. My siblings and I always enjoyed disposing of those doughnuts. Mrs. Tanner was in her eighties and she lived alone so we took care of her as much as we could. We’d rake leaves and shovel her driveway and she would give us doughnuts. It was a pretty fair trade, all in all. But the thing that made Mrs. Tanner special wasn’t doughnuts, but her love of God and her eagerness to see His face. She used to say that whenever God called her Home that was okay with her. So maybe giving doughnuts away wasn’t helping out the needy like the Proverbs 31verse says, but she gave us so much more than that in her example and believe me, we needed it.

“She seeks wool and flax,
And willingly works with her hands.” Proverbs 31:13

Linda Ben-Ezra, my mom, died suddenly just a few years ago. If anyone was willing to work with her hands it was my mom. In fact, her hands hardly ever stopped working! She was always busy with some project or other and whether it was working in her garden, sewing adorable clothes for her grandkids or traipsing through weeds by the side of the road collecting cattails to make dried arrangements with, she was bringing beauty to the lives of those around her and giving us an example of how creative our Creator is. My mom was the single most influential woman in my life. Without her I would never have learned that I am a daughter of the King.

By His grace, God used each of these women to teach me more about Him and to bring me closer to Him. He has blessed me more than I can say because of them.
Ladies, enjoy your rest now- you’ve earned it.

“These are they who have contended
For their Saviour’s honor long,
Wrestling on till life was ended,
Foll’wing not the sinful throng;
These, who well the fight sustained,
Triumph through the Lamb have gained.”

Saturday, March 11, 2006


These gray days of winter are almost too much to bear sometimes. I am so eagerly anticipating the arrival of Spring! Here is a little ditty that I wrote last year at about this time.

The frost is over and so is the freeze
Spring is coming- I can feel it in the breeze
I see the green grasses bursting from the brown soil
The birds build their nests and the ant starts its toil
Snow has melted and left bluebells in its stead
Ivy replaces icicles as around trees it starts to thread
Life is coming from in the winter cocoon it was hiding
The butterfly is flying in the sweet air now abiding
Creation sings out songs pure, sweet- praising
To our Lord as these dead He is now raising
The bees hum out laud and the birds sing out thanks
The rivers clap their hands, leaping over their banks
We join in with all our weak might
Praising the God we know by faith but not yet by sight
The bright flowers are beautiful the blue sky so clear
It’s times like this we feel that God is near
But what about the pain we feel and the people that we miss?
Wait now and remember that Heaven is even nicer than this

A new blogger has been born

Well, I've finally given in to peer pressure and started my own blog. (And there was much rejoicing.) Here we go....