Tuesday, July 17, 2007

They Win

Well, I've finally conceded the match. My kids have me beat. I reached this conclusion after discovering that little, adorable 5-month-old Evangeline is fully mobile. She does this goofy belly flop thing that can move her across the floor at a shocking speed. So now I have a baby that can get into everything, a 4-year-old with a mouth and imagination running on overdrive and an almost 3-year-old that likes to eat light bulbs and thinks he's Spider-man.
So you see, it's hopeless. My daily life looks something like a circus. I could try to fight my children for my sanity or maybe I should just hang on and enjoy the ride.


James said...

Sanity is over-rated.

Gabrielle said...

Can I buy tickets to your circus?

Christen said...

definately enjoy every minute of it. you will look back one day and think those were some of the happiest days of you life. you are blessed with 3 wonderful children.