Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Beloved

Yesterday the kids and I were sick so Joshua graciously stayed home from work to take care of us. Joshua even washed dishes and did laundry in between wiping kids' noses and caring for a cranky wife. As a result, some dishes were put away in the wrong places and some bits of clothes and towels were folded and put away differently than I like to do it and so things are a little less organized than I generally like. I suppose I could complain about the inconvenience that causes me today, but I'm finding that as I'm going about my duties and I come upon a "mistake" that Joshua made it only serves to remind me of how much my husband loves me. Not only did he stay home from work (and therefore run the risk of being backlogged today) and take care of all of us, but he also made sure the house kept running smoothly so that I didn't have to worry about it.

I've said it before and I know I'll say it again: I'm married to a truly loving, thoughtful and serving man. There's just no way I can figure that I deserve him.

Thank you, my dear husband, for loving me. And thank You, my Father, for this undeserved gift.


barb said...

I've been sick, too and Adiel graciously volunteered Joshua to run to the store for me if I needed. She's quite a generous woman. (let it be known that later during a phone conversation, Joshua volunteered his services on his own, so I guess he's generous, too).

Jeremy Beach said...

"...loving, thoughtful and serving man."

Yep, that definitely describes Joshua. I'm glad that he has been and continues to be a blessing to you.