Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh, And Did I Mention...

Evangeline is walking now. That's right, I now have three little two-footed critters to wreak havoc in my house ( I know Evangeline always was two-footed, but it's different now that's she's figured out how to use them.)

She's quite an early walker- I'll let you all know when she's ready to race in the Olympics, but that probably won't be until she's a year old.

Just thought I'd brag a little- again.


Gabrielle said...

See, I'm not sure if you're actually bragging or really just asking for commiseration in disguise.

You know what you need to make your life complete? A four-footed critter to roam around your house and destroy things. If you got the right critter it would never learn to walk on two feet and you would never have to deal with the sense of loss that comes from no longer having something crawling around on the floor.

Seriously now, congratulations, Evangeline! Titi Gaby is very impressed. Now go pull something off a shelf and eat it.

jrg said...

Evangeline is a actually a champion book eater. I found a cool book about Boris Yeltsin at a recent library sale and Evangeline is almost excited about it as I am. Her current dilemma is whether she should first taste the word bolshevik or democrat???