Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Family (Well, except for that guy)

We've had a smashing time with the S. Ben-Ezras in town. Yesterday we went to a beach/playground and I got some great pictures of everyone. Here are just a few for starters. There's more to come!

(Just a small note: that funny-looking guy in the odd hat really isn't related to me. He just happened to be at the beach at the same time so I snapped his picture, too. Really, there's no relation at all.)


Raquel said...

Yeah, that really is an odd hat. :-) Gabrielle's hat, however, suits her perfectly. How did you ever convince her to wear it with the stripe of pink in it?

Jeremy Beach said...

The stranger in the pic looks a lot like the creepy guy who hangs around our office claiming to work in the IT Department. I'm pretty sure that the guy would go away if we started leaving the lights on in IT.