Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm a Winning Loser

Yesterday I had the good fortune to be in a few arguments over money with various siblings of mine. Yes, I do think that was a good thing because, you see, they were niceness fights.

Elizabeth thought she owed me money, but I was sure she had paid me back already so we argued about it for a bit. And then I had a similar fight with Jonathan over the phone later. The upshot of it is that I lost both fights and I'm now richer for it. Not a bad resolution to the problems, if you ask me.
So anyone else want to fight me?


Raquel said...

Hee-he. Once I joked that my mother and I fight over money all the time--we're each constantly trying to refuse money from the other. In fact, I just got a letter from her saying that she owes me eleven cents. Apparently she finally managed to close out my bank account down there--which is a whole story in itself--and they gave her the eleven cents left in it. So now she's going to desperately try to return my eleven cents, and I'm going to have to come up with a really good reason for her to keep it... Aren't niceness fights fun? :-)

Gabrielle said...

Man, I wish I had your arguments. Around here it's more like
"Crystal, I owe you some money."
"You do?"
See, that's just not as much fun.