Sunday, August 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, Handsome!

Today is my dear husband's 26th birthday! What better way to honor him than to write a blog post about him for millions to read? Okay, so maybe there are just three of you reading this. Hey, I can still brag about my man to three people.

I first met Joshua at our church and then got to know him better on his college campus at a Bible study that my dad was leading. The first thing that attracted me to Joshua was his obvious gentlemanlike nature. (Oh, and he was really cute!) As we started courting I got to see that besides being sweet and gentle he was also a young man in love with his God and I knew that he was a man that would be an excellent husband and strong spiritual leader.

Over four years later I know that I was right. Sure, he has some habits that drive me bonkers, but he remains a firm, loving, kind and gentle leader. I can say without a doubt in my mind that I am closer to my God and more faithful to Him because of how my husband has led me. And I see Joshua leading our children the same way.

And besides all this, Joshua mows the lawn, fixes things around the house, changes diapers, puts the toilet seat down and buys me chocolate when I need it. Have I got the perfect man or what?

Joshua, thank you for loving me and for taming this shrew. It’s because of you that I know what a Godly man looks like.

Happy Birthday, Dearest.


Jeremy Beach said...

Since I'm the one who broke Josh in for you during the year or so that he and I shared an apartment, you owe me a thank you, too.

Adiel said...

You're right, Jeremy! Thanks! I owe you one!

Fritz The Grand said...

I was going to call yesterday to say happy birthday, but I didn' tell him for me :)