Monday, August 28, 2006

My Grandma Gardner

On Saturday I went to a funeral. The funeral was in honor of Mary Virginia Gardner. A lovely woman, I knew her simply as Grandma Gardner. The thing about Grandma Gardner that I will most remember and most miss is her smile. She had a smile that would light up a rainy day and when that smile was pointed at you then you felt like the sun had come out just for you. Even when she lived in a nursing home and her memory was starting to deteriorate still that smile never wavered and whenever we’d go visit her she always met us with her sunshine.

It wasn’t just a happy chance that Grandma had such joy. No, the reason for her smile was her faith in Jesus. He’s the One who gave her that smile to use to bless others. And so I’m convinced that when I see her again in our real Home she’ll be wearing that same smile only it will be even bigger and brighter than it ever was here.

Yes, it hurt to say goodbye to Grandma Gardner, but Death’s sting cannot compare to the joy of life and smiles everlasting. We, her family, will cry now, but pretty soon the same Person that wiped away Grandma’s tears will wipe away our tears, too. And that thought makes me smile.

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Joshua said...

Your post means a lot. Grandma’s smile certainly would brighten anyone’s day and to think that she is now in heaven smiling for her Lord – well, it’s priceless. Thanks!