Friday, June 22, 2007

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

The great differences between my two eldest children were, once again, made very clear to me yesterday as we were eating lunch.

Lily: "Is this jelly on here? It is jelly? Mmm, I like jelly! This is special jelly! Is it honey? No, it's not? It's jelly? I like jelly!"

Malachi: (chew, chew)

Lily: "Yum! This is tasty! I like this! Look, Mommy I'm eating very quickly! Am I eating quickly? I am? Yeah, I'm eating quickly! Look, I'm eating very fast! I am? Yeah, I'm eating lunch very fast! I like special jelly!"

Malachi: (chew, chew)

Lily: When I'm done I'll get a snack? I will? Yeah, when I'm done eating I'll get a snack! I'm eating very quickly. I like this! This is special jelly!"

Malachi: (chew, chew)

Well, at least they come by it honestly.


Fritz The Grand said...

I sure hope Carrie sees this and maybe she will understand a little more why I am not the biggest talker in the world.

Jeremy Beach said...

Woohoo! I have a genetic excuse for being quiet. I now scoff at those who persecute me for being shy and untalkative.