Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Our Latest Project




barb said...

It's beautiful! Great work, both of you. I like the shades of blue - like cool water on a hot day.

Gabrielle said...

You got rid of the ugly screen door and put in something classy?! Adiel, how could you? And then you painted the foundation a fetching blue to match that is far easier on the eyes than the barn red. I am shocked.

Oh, and it looks great. I think it adds a lot of presence to the front of the house.

pentamom said...

Very nice, very inviting. Your home has always been very welcoming (stretching back many years to its beloved former lady of the house) but now the appearance matches the spirit of it even better. :-)

a pain in the back said...

Blue, my favorite color. How nice of you to paint it in honor of my arrival in Erie this month.