Monday, August 20, 2007

All Hail The Queen

We Gardners have a bit of a reputation when it comes to salad dressing. We have a lot of it. I've even been called the Salad Dressing Queen. Joshua brings home various dressings and sauces from work so we have quite a variety of dressings to serve when people come over for dinner. We bring dressings when we are invited to someone else's house. We even give it away as gifts.

So today I felt inspired to find out exactly how many bottles of dressings, dips, sauces, syrups, and marinades that we currently have in our home. The final count is... 49.
And that's not counting the four dressing-sized bottles of cooking wine that Joshua brought home or the bottle of salted Tequila (yes, that is an ingrediant in some marinades.)

I sometimes wonder what sort of impact this will have on our children as they grow up.
"Daddy, Sarah's family only had two bottles of dressing with dinner! Isn't that silly?"
"Mommy, why don't my friends eat their dressing by the spoonful like we do?"

Ah, well, we've never been normal in any other part of life- why should our condiments be any different?


Raquel said...

You should start a column: Questions for the Queen of Salad Dressings. Because I'm dying to know-- do your bottles of salad dressing always fall out of the fridge door like ours do? We don't have 49 bottles, but we have enough that they always seem to slip out under the guard-rail and crash to the floor when we open the door. Is it a problem with refrigerator door design? Are we substandard in our salad dressing bottle arrangement?
Tired of Cleaning Salad Dressing Off the Floor in Peoria

Adiel said...

Dear Tired,
The best way to prevent bottles of dressing from falling is to have so many jammed packed in your refrigerator door that nothing can move unless it is chiseled out. Of course, you could try creating a "safety gate" of sorts with duct tape (and who doesn't love duct tape?) If you do end up employing the latter method taking pictures of it and posting it on your own blog is a must.
Hope this helps. Thanks for reading!
The Salad Dressing Queen

Coming up in next week's column: "More Than Dressing- How to Accessorize Your Salad.”

Gabrielle said...

Dear Salad Queen,

I have a confession to make. We do not keep salad dressing around the house. Every now and then we make a batch of Italian dressing, but when it's gone we are dressing-less until the next time we whip some up. Is there something wrong with us? Is there anything we can do to fix this?

Dressing-less in Peoria

barb said...

Dear Nude in Peoria,

I recommend a trip to the Piggly Wiggly for a bottle of their finest Jalapeno Ranch.