Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lily!

On this day, five years ago, my precious daughter Lily made her appearance into this family. She brings so much beauty to the Gardner family. I, too often, am impatient with her as she does those little things that five-year-olds do and I've been praying that I would be able to stop being so frantic and take the time to see what she sees in the world.

Being Lily's mommy is a sanctifying experience because our personalities are so similar, (read that: she gets her emotional state from her mommy) but she has an artist's heart and I'm so proud to share that with her.

Father of Lights, from whom came this lovely little girl, thank you for the grave responsibility and the great joy of having Lily as our daughter. Give us grace to raise her well.

Happy Birthday, Lily!

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Gabrielle said...

Happy birthday, Lily!! I wish that we lived closer so I could come to your birthday party. Whenever I see a new picture I am stunned at how pretty you are. I keep looking for the cute baby girl, but now you are a pretty five-year-old.
I pray that you have a wonderful birthday. I love you.
Titi Gaby