Tuesday, May 06, 2008

From My Own Experience

The first time mother:
"AAUGH! The baby is climbing on the Little Tikes kitchen! She could fall and kill herself! It's not safe- we're getting rid of it right away."

After having a few kids:
"Oh, good! The baby is climbing on the Little Tikes kitchen. Maybe now she'll stop climbing on the dining room table and chairs, and the couch and the computer desk and the stairs...."

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pentamom said...

Congratulations! The point at which you begin measuring your child's current behavior against the things that she could be doing that are worse, is a mothering milestone.

I should probably add, in case any of your readers don't know me very well, that this applies only to relatively trivial matters, of course. Otherwise, it's a very bad way to look at things. But for the genuinely little things, it's a necessary component of sanity.