Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Music Video I Actually Like

I complain a lot about music videos and their general lameness, but I find I can't get enough of this music video. I really like it. Those of you who know me well shouldn't have a hard time figuring out why.


Jeremy Beach said...

I, too, enjoyed this video. They did a nifty job of capturing the beauty and flow of everyday life without being cheesy. Videos similar to this often feel very stilted because the lead dancer is too showy, which works against the life-is-art motif.

PS The word verification code that I was required to type in order to leave this comment essentially said "I like hag." I'm not normally a hag fan; I just play one on TV.

Seth Ben-Ezra said...


It actually reminded me of something that happened here a few weeks ago.

Crystal and I were driving past a couple of guys who were standing on the corner holding Little Caesar's signs. The one guy was listening to music on an iPod and was dancing. He was pretty good, too.

As I recall, we honked and gave him a thumbs up, so he took a bow.

There was something...dunno...subversive about the whole thing. I loved it.

Adiel said...

Yeah, I really like the not-showiness of Feist. It really is the simple- yet strange- things in life that bring the most enjoyment.

So you can't even comment on a music video without thinking about someone being subversive? I'm noticing a trend in your writing of late. ;o)

I think making people stand on street coners holding those signs is inhumane. I'm glad to see that someone did something good with it, though. Way to go, dancing pizza guy!

barb said...

Yesterday, the sign the kid was holding was shaped like a guitar. Seems like they're now encouraging the roadside entertainment