Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Suggestion

About a year ago, my family and I were out taking a leisurely Sabbath afternoon walk and our steps took us past the local nursing home. There were a few elderly patrons sitting outside enjoying the fresh air and they were staring and smiling at the kids so we walked over to say hi. They introduced themselves as Paul and Betty. Betty lives at the home and Paul, her husband, constantly comes to visit her. We said we'd come see them again and they were excited at the prospect.

It's been over a year now and we've been visiting Paul and Betty on various Sundays ever since. We try to make it every other week or so. We've also made a few new friends there. Ginny, a single woman who lives at the home and doesn't have any family nearby is always thrilled to see us. She doesn't remember us from visit to visit, but the kids always bring a smile (and sometimes tears) to her face.

I'm mentioning all this because this experience has been a really good thing for our family. We are training our kids to be unselfish with their time and to be kind to others. The kids used to be a little scared of the older folks, but now they ask every Sunday, "Can we go see the elderly today?" God gave us this little ministry and we are so glad He did. Each time we visit the elderly and bless them through the simple joy of a young child's hug, it's as though we are doing it to Jesus and we, in turn, will be blessed for it.

There are some weeks that I don't want to go to the nursing home and there have been times when we didn't go when perhaps we shouldn't have skipped it. So we're not perfect here. But I feel it our duty to share this tiny way in which we are endeavouring to obey Jesus and to suggest to you that you do the same. Your ministry will be different from ours and maybe visiting a nursing home isn't practical for you, but please consider doing something. Jesus is pretty clear when He told us to visit the sick, prisoners, etc.

Anyway, like I said, each of our ministries will look different, but may I encourage you to be sure you are ministering in some way?


Adiel said...

I was thinking again about what I wrote here and I wanted to clarify one thing. I'm not trying to put someone on a guilt trip or say just how great I think we are. A main reason for writing this post was to show how relativly easy it is to start a tiny ministry somewhere near you. We have three little kids so we are perfect candidates for the "We're too busy" excuse, but apparently even we have managed to fit this in without a problem.

My hope is not to inspire guilt, but rather motivation and encouragement to get out and do something seemingly small and insignificant for someone who needs it.

Adiel said...
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