Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Dumb and Dumber

From time to time I like to meditate on some of the more truly stupid issues we humans deal with (and get used to) on this fallen planet. There are those petty arguments between friends, stubbed toes, chapped lips and lima beans just to name a few. The latest item I've added to my list is the goodbye.

I mean, who's dumb idea was that one? Here's a great example of its stupidity: imagine a small handful of people who have known each other since birth, grown up in the same home, and shared the same parents, memories and bathroom. These people have held each other up during tough times and also enjoyed some pretty uproariously good times together, too. Then imagine them one day all saying goodbye to each other and separating to various parts of the country only to see each other once or twice a year and maybe have the occasional phone call.

Pretty dumb, huh?

Or how about this one: let's say there's a young woman who has a few babies and raises them and loves them into adulthood and one day- boom!- she leaves them all, never to return. Isn't that just most asinine thing you've ever heard?

And yet, we take it all in stride and say it's part of life- because, well, it is part of life here. But my husband reminded me just today that it won't always be like this. The stupid goodbye will never happen in Heaven.

Here's hoping the Land of Endless Hello comes soon.


james3v1 said...

I don't like goodbyes either, of course. And it is most certainly a result of living in a sinful world.

But I do have to say that Lima Beans rock! God made them mmm mmm good.

barb said...

I hate lima beans more than I hate goodbyes.

What are your husband's thoughts of lima beans in heaven?