Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Happy Thought

Yesterday I gave the kids ice cream with chocolate sauce for a special snack. Their excitement was palpable. They laughed as I spooned out the ice cream. And as I poured on the chocolate sauce they eagerly called to each other to sit down at the table so they enjoy this wonderful treat. Their giggles and enjoyement continued as long as the ice cream lasted. It made me so happy.

And then I thought: Is this how God feels when He gives me a gift? Does He feel this much joy in seeing me be happy? Of course, the answer is no- He feels more. He has even more joy in being my Father than I have in being a mother.

Wow. What a thought!

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Jeremy Beach said...

I own a hamster. Although I don't look at my hamster as a replacement for children, I still have moments when my hamster gives me insight into how God must feel about me. There are times that I purposely go out of my way to give him some piece of fruit or vegetable that he's never had just to enjoy his enjoyment of this snack.

Sadly, there are also times that my hamster does dumb things that irritate me to no end such as when he constantly pushes his exercise wheel to a spot that (for good reason) I don't want it to be in. Each time I move it back, he'll eventually put it back where he wants it, sometimes while I'm watching him. It makes me glad that God isn't so particular that He reverses everything stupid that I do. There are times that I let me hamster have his way because it feels wrong to deny him grace (even though he's just a hamster) when I am a constant recipient of grace thanks to Jesus.