Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Therapy

I’ve always known that I’m not quite right in the head, but I am becoming more convince of it every day. For example, there’s the fact that I like to clean. I mean, it’s scary the way I enjoy dusting. Yesterday I decided that I wanted to clean really well in the living room. I moved all the furniture, cleared out all the toys that had gotten stuck under the couch, swept, “Swiffered”, and dusted. I even dusted the floor molding and yes, even the tops of picture frames. To a bystander I wonder if the room even looks that different from before I cleaned it, but to me it feels like a breath of fresh air. I think I was able to keep my sanity yesterday simply because I knew that the floor under my couch was dust free. It’s weird I know, but that’s what being a homemaker does to some people.


Gabrielle said...

There was this one day I took all of the glass parts off of our five light light fixture and cleaned them in hot, soapy water. I think the lights actually shone brighter because that thick layer of gooey dust was gone. And I still feel good when ever I look at that light.

pentamom said...

Hey Adiel, want to come over to my house some day and have a WHOLE LOT OF FUN!?!?!?! ;-)