Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Malachi's Birthday

We celebrated Malachi’s second birthday last Saturday. (His real birthday is the 29th of this month.) Since he is the little boy that he is, he loves trucks so that was the theme of his party. Here is the cake I made for him.

He loves to “fix” things so we got him this tool set.
He actually blew out his own candle! It only took three or four tries.
Here's Chewy getting a ride in the dump truck that Grandpa B. got for Malachi. Between the dump truck and his new hammer our furniture is going to be awfully dented.

He got quite the assortment of trucks and various truck-related things. So what if we have to buy a larger house now to hold it all?

Happy Birthday, Malachi! I love you!


Jeremy Beach said...

I'm glad to hear that Malachi received plenty of trucks to accessorize with his other trucks. Good job on the cake by the way...definitely one of the coolest cakes I've seen.

Gabrielle said...

Happy birthday to Malachi! Happy birthday to Malalchi! Happy birthday, dear Malachi! Happy Birthday to Malalchi!

I wish I could have been there.
Tell him his Titi Gaby loves him, okay?