Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ooh, the Pretties!

Tonight we ate dinner at our dining room table for the first time in over a week. Why, you ask? You see, my talented husband has replaced our old, duct-taped dining room flooring with a very pretty handmade wood floor. Joshua cut out “tiles” from thin sheets of wood and then stained them, sanded them and coated them with Polyurethane. He scraped up the old vinyl tiles and then glued (and nailed in some places) the new wood tiles in place. He then coated the whole floor with three more coats of Polyurethane (a very stinky job for which the kids and I escaped the house.) He is still working on cutting and staining the molding for the edges of the floor but at least the room was finished enough so that we could enjoy a somewhat normal dinner instead of picnicking in the living room.

The beginning stages of cutting and measuring. Notice Joshua’s cute assistant.

He had quite the weights system going on to keep pressure on the tiles while the glue dried.

Now ain’t that a pretty sight? I’m so proud of our new floor. Malachi had graciously accepted the responsibility of breaking it in by throwing one of his larger trucks smack dab in the middle of the room and then spitting on it as well. (Boys!)

Next project: the kitchen floor (cue ominous music.) I’m so glad that I married such a handy man.


daddyg said...

Great job on the floor. Anything custom worked by hand is a masterpiece indeed. One of a kind, worthy to be shown off. Thought,patience, and hard work always has great results.

Gabrielle said...

The floor looks great, Adiel. Tell Josh I said he did a fine, fine job. It looks much better than the duct tape tile. I like how the wood colors go with the blue walls. Very nice!