Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Sabbath Thought

Today Joshua and I took the kids on a walk as we usually do on Sabbath afternoons and then we let them run around in the school parking lot behind our house. They were happily running and yelling when Lily came up to us and asked if we could pray for Great-Grandma. We were a little confused, but we certainly didn’t want to say “No” to such a request. So there we were, standing in a parking lot, holding hands and praying. Lily had no idea that her suggestion was a little out of the ordinary and socially strange and that we adults felt just a tiny bit odd doing it. She just knew that it’s good to pray all the time- no matter where you are.

Don’t you wish we could all be more childlike and not worry about what people think of us? How different the world would be if Christians would stop letting the fear of man control our actions!

Sometimes I need a three-year-old to remind me of that.

Oh, God, may we never be ashamed of Your Gospel. May we always be willing fools for You.


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Now you know my ulterior motive for "teaching" Sunday School. I'm the one doing most of the learning and everyone else is none the wiser. Please keep this as our secret!