Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lily's Birthday

We celebrated Lily’s third birthday last Monday. Boy, did she have fun!

Her party had a Mary Poppins theme. We had white balloon clouds hanging from the ceiling along with a black umbrella and everyone got an umbrella-shaped cookie with a name tag on it which also served as place cards.

Her cake was Mary Poppins’ hat. For some reason Lily was scared of her candles this year. When I brought the cake to her she pushed her chair away from the table faster that you could say supercalifra- well, you know.

She got so many nice presents from everyone. ( Of course, the day after the party I went through the toy bins trying to get rid of stuff to make room for all the new stuff!) Grandpa B gave her a Judy Rogers CD which I absolutely love, but both Lily and Malachi like having it play over and over and over again all day long....

Lily’s Gramma and Grampa Gardner gave her this cool tricycle. Don’t you just love those red Radio Flyers? She had such a good time trying out her new bike with Olympia giving her a good push now and then.

(By the way, in all these pictures Lily is modeling one of her gifts from her Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Carrie. Cute shirt!)

I like having a three-year-old in my home now. Lily spices up this family in her own unique way. I love this little girl!

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Jeremy Beach said...

Oh, I forgot that Lily's birthday was coming up. You should give her a big birthday hug from me, especially because she'd probably start crying if I gave it to her myself. ; -)