Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Lion, the Witch, the Wardrobe and Me

Back in January, Joshua and I went with Joshua’s sister, Jen, to see The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I really enjoyed it, though there were some changes that were made to the story that were disappointing. On the drive home after watching the movie, Jen asked us which character we most identified with. I immediately said Edmund and she said, “Yeah, me, too. But I wish I was like Lucy.” What a way to say it! Yes, we saw ourselves as traitorous sinners, but we wanted to be the one with the childlike faith. Joshua said that he most related to Peter in that he was struggling to accept his responsibilities as the leader and to be able to lead well. ( I think you do a great job, dearest.)

As I’ve thought more about that question I’ve realized that I am no longer so much like Edmund, but I’m more similar to Susan. Susan was the one to always be drawn to the world and to doubt the things she could not see. By God’s grace, I’m becoming less and less of Susan and I’m becoming a little more like Lucy.

So here’s my question, which character are you most like? Pick any character from any of the books. This isn’t a gimmick to get more comments on my blog. I’m really curious to see who everyone will pick.

On a side thought, did anyone else think the Witch’s costume was a little bizarre?


Raquel said...

First, the witch's costume was quite odd, she was an albino for no apparent reason (she was supposed to be brunette), and her outfit made her look a trifle hunchback. On top of that she had weird hair and looked like the borg queen. Whew, I'm glad I got the chance to rant about that.

On to the real question--My first thought is that I identify with Lucy. I'm not sure if that's really because I'm like her, or just because she's been my favorite of the Pevensies since I was very small.

After a few seconds thought I'm going to say that I identify with Hwin in The Horse and His Boy. If that changes on further reflection I'll just have to leave another long comment of explanation. :-)

Merrianna said...

First, I agree with Raquel about the White Witch, but I would also like to add that her skin was nowhere near white enough. :-P

Now, as to the other question...
I think my favorite character is Edmund, and I identify with him, too, I think. And I also don't think this is really a bad thing. After all, he was redeemed, as we are in Christ, and if we are like he was at the beginning, why should we not also become as he was at the end, the king who was called the Just, who cared about what was right all the more because he had been at the other end.

If that makes sense, than my Rent-a-brain must be working better than I'd thought. :-D

Seth Ben-Ezra said...

I liked the White Witch's outfit.

Especially in the battle at the end. Someone pointed out to me that she was wearing the lion's mane, which has deeper symbolic connotations, but I'll admit to being shallow: she looked absolutely EVIL! The sort of villain that you can respect and goes down with a big, hard thud.

Oddly enough, while I get fairly nitpicky about Lord of the Rings, I actually liked many of the artistic flourishes of the Narnia movie, especially surrounding the White Witch. The costume. The ice palace. The polar bear chariot with the giant spiked wheels. Looking like the Borg Queen. Yep, all of that.

And I liked the minotaur and the centaur, and I really liked when they charged into each other.

Like I said: shallow.

I didn't like the doubtful Peter. And the river scene. That was silly.

And I think that I probably identify the most with Puddleglum, except that I don't really.

james3v1 said...

I think I'm Scrubb. I almost deserved a name like that. I also know that Aslan has removed a dragon skin from me that remains in many ways.

I identify with both Edmund and Peter in other ways, but Eustace Scrubb more than all. And I'm not surprised that Seth is Puddleglum. :) Though he is the most care-free Marshwiggle I've ever met.

yipyop (blogger non-word): a Calormene interjection loosely translated, "my horse just ran off to Archenland and I didn't know he could talk!"

I couldn't get past the White Witch being the borg queen, and I think it's horrible that we keep seeing evil albinos in movies. (of course we're thinking of adopting an albino).

Gabrielle said...

I liked the White WItch, too. I thought all the exra flourishes made her look seriously evil.

The first character I thought of was Jill. In the Silver Chair she knows what she needs to do, but after a while the discipline fades and the comforts of this world draw her in. I wouldn't mind being Jill from The Last Battle, but I don't think I've learned from being caught in the Giant's house yet.

Adiel said...

You people that are related to me are crazy. I have to agree with the Lansberry/Mutton sentiments about the White Witch.

Seth, you most definitely are like Puddleglum.