Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Pastor

My dad’s birthday is on the 28th. I’ll be doing this birthday post a little differently by writing about my pastor instead of my dad (of course, it’s impossible for me to completely separate the two.) I’m also doing this a few days in advance, partly so it actually gets done and also to give you folks a chance to leave any comments for him since many of you have had him as pastor at some point. I know he checks this blog regularly, though you could never tell it by the number of comments he leaves :o).

So, where shall I begin? My dad has been my pastor and shepherd of my soul since before I even knew I had a soul that needed shepherding. As far back as I can remember it’s been my dad that I’ve heard preaching as I've sat in my pew. In all that time, as should be expected, he has changed as a pastor. He’s gone from preaching slightly stoic, but theologically correct sermons to being able to preach passionately from a heart that deeply loves his Lord and the people that he has been ordained to lead. And that love is so obvious. There is an intensity in his sermons as if he is pleading with our very souls, urging and exhorting his flock to abandon our sinful desires and serve more fully our true Master.

My pastor doesn’t just preach from a pulpit once a week and leave it at that, but he regularly meets with various members of the church to disciple them on a one-on-one basis. I like watching him talk with people after worship on Sundays. My dad is not a naturally social person, but there he is talking to this person about a job interview, inquiring after that person’s health, setting up a time to visit this other person. Our pastor loves us and it shows in how he cares for us.

More times than I can recall, I’ve thanked God for giving me such a pastor. I thank Him once again, knowing that in providing for me a godly man to guide and instruct me my God has shown how much He loves me.

I pray that God would bless my dad and pastor in this new year of his life.

Happy Birthday, Dad!


Gabrielle said...

Probably the second thing I miss the most about leaving Erie is hearing Dad preach. He emails me his sermons and I get to read them, but it's not the same as watching and listening to him speak to the people he loves about the God he loves.

Happy Birthday, Dad! I pray that God would bless you greatly and that this year would be better than anything you could have imagined.

Joshua said...

Hey, I need added to this email list. I'd like to read his sermons as well.

Happy birthday, Pastor Ben-Ezra. I'll never forget those frustrating bible studies at Behrend where you calmly explained Romans 9, and watched me bang my head on the desk (figuratively) not wanting to believe that it actually said "that". Calvinism is now a sweet, refreshing doctrine to me, as I reflect on the true sovereignty and supremacy of God in all things.

Thank you for that.

Joshua Peiffer
PS - Come visit Peoria soon!

James said...

I don't know what my life would be like had God not used you in the way he has.

I am profoundly thankful that you shepherded my soul as you did when I was in Erie and continue to be thankful that you are my friend.

Happy Birthday Pastor B!