Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Medium-Well with a Side of Stuffing

Several nights ago my family and I enjoyed the rare treat of eating steaks for dinner. The local supermarket was having a great sale on them so I thought we’d splurge. We cut the kids’ meat up into small pieces and told them to chew their food a lot since steak is very chewy. Malachi only heard that it was “Chewy” (the name of his teddy bear) that we were eating.
“This is Chewy-Bear?” he asked, holding a piece of steak on his fork.
We tried to explain that we weren’t eating Chewy, but that the food was hard to chew.
“It’s Chewy-Bear!” he said happily and eagerly started chomping away at his steak.

Now I ask you, which is worse- the fact that our son was positive that we were eating his teddy bear for dinner or the fact that he seemed to be enjoying it?


pentamom said...

Okay, I gotta know -- who's got steaks on special?

Probably last week though, right? :-(

Adiel said...

It was Giant Eagle, but the sale ended already. Sorry.

James Lansberry said...


With a family your size I recommend finding a farmer who can sell you a whole side of beef. We've been doing that for a few years now and while it's a drain on freezer space (we have three now, though) it gives us various cuts of meat all at once, including steaks, at an overall reasonable price.

You might be able to find another family (or 2) and split a cow 2-4 ways and when spaced out over the time of the meat supply makes for a good deal. Plus it's better meat than you can find at the store, too.

If you don't know anyone there I can probably still find the name of someone in rural Erie county who would sell the beef to you that way.

Joshua said...

My original thought was: Why is your steak chewy? Are you over cooking it?

pentamom said...

Thanks James. I've thought about doing that before, but it hasn't happened yet. I do have a huge, under-utilized freezer that would accommodate it.

Probably in the long run, though, it's cheaper just to forgo or limit the pricier kinds of beef. Bulk steak and roasts are still a lot costlier than beans and chicken, and we're content with that, ground beef, and the very occasional solid cut of beef. :-)