Tuesday, March 14, 2006

For my Dad

On a March 22nd I entered this life
The labor was over and you kissed your tired wife.
We sat in that old Boston rocking chair
You rocked and held me with loving care.
Fast forward now to my “terrible twos”
Let’s start the spankings on my poor caboose!
Oh, you were mean to paddle me so!
But now I see- yes, now I know
You spanked out of love to show me the way
To guide my small soul to heaven someday.
Skip then to my teenage life-
Did I really act that way and cause so much strife?
I remember our talks about God and His grace
I remember your words and the look on your face.
Sometimes your talks went in one ear and out the other-
Especially those talks about “Obey your mother!”
Golly, was I mean and a spoiled little brat!
And yet you still loved me- imagine that.
You remind me of someone I know very well-
Of the One whose hands always caught me when I fell.
You know who I mean, you know Him, too.
And you know how I met Him? It’s because of you.
I heard our Father’s voice first speaking through you
And my mind’s picture of Him looks something like you, too.
There were times, I remember, when I thought you were mad,
But where would I be now if you weren’t my dad?
You’ve shown me God’s love and how sometimes it can burn.
You were patient with me even when I refused to learn.
So thank you, Dad, for all that you’ve done-
For teaching me the beauty of trusting in God’s Son
For sitting in a Mazda on a cold March night
And telling me of Heaven and its unquenchable light.
I don’t deserve to have you for my father
Thank you, my second favorite dad, for loving this daughter.

P.S. You can tell I love you and appreciate what you do
Because look- I’ve gone and married someone who’s just like you!


Gabrielle said...

Adiel, that's beautiful. Thanks for saying what the rest of us feel, but can't really put into words. You said just what I would want to. Though I wouldn't have to thank Dad for quite so many spankings ;-P

Fritz The Grand said...

You know what we all really want to say....

"Golly, was I mean and a spoiled little brat!"

Not as bad as Gabrielle!!! :D

Just kidding of course, Gabrielle was less mean than you for sure....at least she hid it better.

Adiel said...

I think I may have to put a ban on all comments from family members! How did something so sweet turn into Adiel bashing time?! ;o)