Saturday, March 11, 2006


These gray days of winter are almost too much to bear sometimes. I am so eagerly anticipating the arrival of Spring! Here is a little ditty that I wrote last year at about this time.

The frost is over and so is the freeze
Spring is coming- I can feel it in the breeze
I see the green grasses bursting from the brown soil
The birds build their nests and the ant starts its toil
Snow has melted and left bluebells in its stead
Ivy replaces icicles as around trees it starts to thread
Life is coming from in the winter cocoon it was hiding
The butterfly is flying in the sweet air now abiding
Creation sings out songs pure, sweet- praising
To our Lord as these dead He is now raising
The bees hum out laud and the birds sing out thanks
The rivers clap their hands, leaping over their banks
We join in with all our weak might
Praising the God we know by faith but not yet by sight
The bright flowers are beautiful the blue sky so clear
It’s times like this we feel that God is near
But what about the pain we feel and the people that we miss?
Wait now and remember that Heaven is even nicer than this

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