Saturday, March 18, 2006

Any Suggestions?

I have been trying to make healthier foods for my family lately. I have succeeded in making a few new things such as granola and yogurt, but I’m still looking for different foods to try to make. I’ve made whole wheat noodles that came out decently for a first try and my homemade bread is really good, but I’d really like any tips or suggestions that anyone may have to offer. I’m feeling a little lost as to how to improve our diet (though, Crystal, you have been very helpful!) so any help that anyone could offer would be much appreciated. I’m particularly interested in noodle recipes and ways to make good noodles without a noodle-maker. Thank you!


Fritz The Grand said...

A great recipe for healthy noodles:

1. 2 eggs, cup of wheat flour, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil.

2. Mix items together with 1 cup of water in large bowl

3. Dump in garbage, and make chocolate chip cookies

4. Actually enjoy what you are eating


joshua said...

Fritz, now that's what I'm talking about ... cookies. Gimme carbs and lots of sugar and presto you've got a five course meal (or at least close)! Please feel free to give Adiel healthy food tips anytime.

Raquel said...

What Fritz doesn't mention is that real food tastes better.

I've never made noodles, so I can't help much with that, but by all means use whole wheat flour in everything. Theresa substitutes it for white flour (same amount) an any recipe. If you're afraid that will be too dense you can use 7/8 of a cup whole wheat in place of one cup white.

Chocolate, of course, is always healthy...

Wow, I actually might have had a helpful suggestion... I would have posted earlier if I'd realized that. :-)