Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

My brother, Jonathan, is what you might call the “cool” brother. Seth is getting better in his old age, but Jonathan still outranks him in coolness. Growing up, it was Jonathan who always got me in trouble, but I didn’t mind so much because he was just so much fun! He was the one that would dig tunnels under the garage with me and let me play with his Transformers. He had these neat action figures that had a small space ship thing and we’d try rig up a way for the ship “fly”. I think we used some of Mom’s leftover yarn as line for it to glide on and it never really worked that well, but still, it was amazing! Even when he was a teenager and always going out with his friends, he made me feel like I wasn’t the annoying little sister tagging along. I almost thought I was cool just like my big brother. His favorite football team was (and is) the 49ers so, of course, that was my favorite team, too. I really didn’t understand football and watching a game bored me to death, but I was a 49ers fan because Jonathan was and I wanted to be just like him. Like every brother and sister, we didn’t always get along so great, but now, somehow we’ve ended up as friends. We live about a million miles away from each other and we don’t play with little action figures anymore, but as I watch him live and work and care for Carrie and love her and try to follow where God wants him to go and not be afraid of what anyone thinks of him or what he has to say, I am amazed that he is my brother and I’m so proud to be his sister. So I guess you could say that I still want to be just like my big brother.
Happy Birthday, Jonathan!


Raquel said...

So where does traversing Wesleyville in a Servants of Cthulu costume fall in coolness rating?
Gabrielle will tell you that I'll read a story just for a good big brother character, so now I guess now I have another reason to read your blog. :-) It's the same reason that I love watching Elsie with her big brothers. Toby is the one who will sit next to her in church and hold her hand, but Samuel is the one she thinks is just the coolest and fights with tooth and nail.
Since this is my first comment I also have too say "Happy new blog!". And I'll try not to leave long rambling comments on all your posts.

Adiel said...

Feel free to ramble- I ramble enough on your blog!

Fritz The Grand said...

Thank you for the birthday post! Glad it wasn't too mushy, just mushy enough :)