Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Story Time

“Hey, kids, do you want to read a book? Okay, climb up on my lap. Lily, sit still. Once upon a time- Yes, Malachi that is a doggy- Once upon a time there lived- I know the doggy says “ruff, ruff.” Now listen to the story- There lived a king- I see the picture of grapes in the book, Lily- This king was- Yes, you may pretend to eat the grapes. This king was a- That’s fine, Lily, you may share your grapes with Malachi. Malachi, yes I know the doggy goes “ruff, ruff.” Now listen- This king was a good king- Oh, Lily, I’m sorry, Malachi must have thought your finger was a grape. You need to be careful when you share with him. Malachi be gentle with Lily. Now where are we? Oh yes- This good king ruled- No thank you, I don’t want any grapes- Oh, now there goes the phone.”

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