Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy Birthday, Arianna!

Could someone of the S.Ben-Ezra household make sure that Arianna sees this? Thank you!

Today is an extra-special-super-duper-fantastically-wonderful day: it’s Arianna’s Birthday! Arianna was the first grandchild born in my family and therefore my first niece. I fell in love with that beautiful girl the first time I held her in the hospital shortly after she was born. With her chubby cheeks and cute little Ben-Ezra nose she looked absolutely perfect. Even though she’s lost her chubbiness over the years, her beauty is ever growing. Arianna is an artistic girl with a flamboyancy like that of her Grandma B and she is learning to use that creativity to serve God in her life. I suppose one reason I’ve always connected well with Arianna is because she reminds me so much of me. It’s scary, I know, but I’m hoping she’ll turn out okay nonetheless.

Arianna, you are growing into a caring and loving young lady. I’m looking forward to seeing what amazing things God will do through you. You are a very special kid. You are a daughter of the High King. Don’t ever forget that. You are a princess.
I love you- Happy Birthday.

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Gabrielle said...

Arianna says "Thank you".

She especially liked the princess statement.