Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Color Me

Despite the fact that this blog is full of the stuff of pinkness, pink is not my favorite color. Brown is. Now, some may say that brown is a dull, boring color and some shades of brown are. But the color I’m talking about is the rich, deep chocolate brown that makes you think of fall and sitting by a fire with a hot mug of cocoa. I’m sure my favorite color says something profound about me (besides the fact that I like chocolate), but I’m not willing to analyze myself. So instead I’m going to pick on a bunch of you by stating what color I think best describes your personality. Ready? Here goes.

Joshua: You, my dear, are a dark blue. Dark blue has a deep, amazing beauty to it that is not obvious at first, but rather takes a second look to decipher. It also has a comforting and enriching aspect.

Gaby: Even though you are the “Orange Queen,” I have to say purple for you. Purple is a tricky color to define because there are so many different shades and interpretations of it. Some see it as a dainty color while others see it as bold. It’s the combination of these two traits that makes it so beautiful.

Raquel: I think you’re brown. Brown has gotten a bad rap for being boring and predictable, but sometimes some people see it in its true form: a rich beauty that is deep, yet simple and comforting.

Jeremy: You’re yellow. (No, I’m not calling you chicken.) Yellow can be rather alarming at first, but then once my eyes adjust to its brightness it becomes to me a cheering, uplifting color.

Seth: Black. I mean really, did you expect anything else? Black can be mournful, but also peaceful and soothing in it’s simplicity.

Crystal: You also are blue, but not too dark. Blue is safe, but in certain shades it can be very daring and shocking.

Jonathan: Green. Green surprises me a lot. It tries to sound like a boring color, but it really has a vibrancy that is unexpected and very welcome.

Carrie: Light brown. It’s not as deep as dark brown, but is rather more gentle and soft. It blends well with many colors to give them a greater richness and warmth.

James: Red and I’m talking fire engine. Red is pretty much in your face and blunt. That’s not a bad thing. And it also brings energy to whatever it touches.

Theresa: Pink- I don’t mean pastel! Pink is vibrant, bold and extremely fun. Some shades can be a little bizarre, but it mostly brings the sense of femininity with it.

Dad: You’re a tricky one. I think you’re a blue. Somewhere darker than light blue, but not as deep as dark blue. Your blue has a neat quality in that it is somewhat predictable, but with a depth that is unexpected.

Barb: Orange. Orange can be everything from soft and cozy to bright and exuberant. And whatever shade it is it always has a crazy, but lovable edge.

So there you have it. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. I’d love some feedback to see if you all think I got even close with all my artsy psycho babble. If nothing else, maybe you’ll look at colors now in a whole new way.


Gabrielle said...

Purple, huh? I guess I can see your point. I would slighlty disagree with Theresa being pink, but that could just be my own pink issues. I'm not sure about Dad, too.

Right now I am looking at a bottle a shade of dark olive green. There is light shining through it dispersing the darkness of the color and bringing it a few shades up. The color is dark and somber, but laughter sparkles in its middle. What about that color for Dad?

Raquel said...

Yay!!! It's like an online personality test, but I don't have to answer any dumb questions!
I think you're right about me--my only complaint is that I generally can't wear my color because brown look really bad on me.
I laughed out loud when I read James' color. Perfect!
My only hesitancy is the same as Gabrielle's on Theresa being pink, but I really can't come up with anything better. Maybe I just haven't seen the perfect shade of pink, because I do like your descprition for her.
Now I'm going to have to figure out what color you are...

Adiel said...

Olive green is perfect for Dad! Like I said, he really was a tricky color to place. I think my definition still applies, though.

I'm sticking with pink for Theresa. It could be that we're imagining very different shades of pink and you also have to remember that I don't have the same pink issues as you both do ;o) so it feels different to me.

barb said...

I would never have thought myself as orange. In fact, it's not a color I'd ever have associated with anyone. But I like it; I like that I AM orange. I can see some "orange qualities" in myself, but because it's a color with many hues and a mixture of two primary colors, there are many "orange qualities" to which I aspire.

I appreciate your insight.

And regarding black, I remember reading that in some cultures white is the color of death and black is the color of life; because white lacks color, and black is composed of all colors

Theresa said...

Yes, I too have pink issues. I don't have any issue with pink being feminine (and I do have a dress that is black with pink roses splashed on it). But I associate pink with being vulnerable, and that I cannot tolerate. Of course, I AM vulnerable, scared of librarians, and not that confident as well. But if someone threatened me or my family I would have no problem with twisting out their eyeball and stomping on it. After contemplating the subject, I wonder if I don't like pink because of sin. Pink is too complicated to wear in this world. Maybe in heaven, I will always wear pink. (Will there be more colors in the new heavens and earth)?

Fun post, Adiel!

Jeremy Beach said...


As long as I am not a dingy, sweat-stain shade of yellow, yellow is fine with me. Also, please note that I will not be doing anything to incur Theresa's wrath...she's obviously a rage-aholic. You may want to consider reassigning her to a more aggressive color such as an angry, angry red. (Just joking!)