Saturday, June 10, 2006

Good News!

I’m sure most of you know this by now through various means, but I thought I should post it anyway: There is another Gardner baby on the way! God has answered our prayers. He is so good!
This pregnancy is not going as smoothly as I would have liked, though. My progesterone levels are too low and that can be a sign that a miscarriage is likely. I’ve started taking progesterone supplements to try to help my body along, but there are no guarantees. ( But what pregnancy ever has the guarantee of a healthy baby?) So even though it is entirely possible that God may take this child away from us before he is born, I am still rejoicing in this little one. And I will still say that God is good!
Thank you to all who prayed that God would give us this baby. Now I ask that you would pray that God would let us keep him.


Raquel said...

You'd think I would have heard this news already, but no, no one tells me anything. So...


I know a little a bit about how stressful a situation like that can be, so naturally, I will tell you not to worry and promptly start pacing the floor with sympathy fretting. :-)

I will certainly be praying for you and little baby Gardner. I hope you have a lovely and peaceful nine months, and a baby to hold at the end of it.

Adiel said...

Thanks, Raquel!
I appreciate your prayers and sympathy fretting. Maybe I'll let you do all the worrying so I don't have to. ;o)