Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Countdown to Chaos

Tomorrow the semi-quiet that I am enjoying now will be temporarily lost as our household will expand from four people to an even dozen. It’s not so much the number of people that’s freaking me out, but it’s the fact that we’ll have twelve people here, several of whom are curious toddlers/ babies, while trying to pull together a family reunion (did I mention that will be held at my house, too?) and during the whole of this I will be valiantly trying to not vomit on anyone as my morning sickness continues. Oh , and did I mention that Joshua is in the middle of a big, stress-inducing project at work?
I’m thinking it’s going to work out well, though. Half my houseguests will be pretty useful setting things up for the reunion and the other half is really cute so I really can’t complain.
Maybe I should be exploring my options here. Let’s see, I’ll have several live-in babysitters for a week! Hmm... maybe I could get used to this.


barb said...

I suggest you not stress yourself out - vomit on anyone you please.

Adiel said...

Good advice. Are you volunteering? ;o)

barb said...

There are already so many people at your house. I don't want to overwhelm you with too many choices.