Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Grace to be Sane

Yesterday was one of those days. The kids and I all had colds so Malachi was snotty and coughing, Lily was cranky, plus Joshua was in Canada for the day on business and wasn’t expected back until late. To top it all off I was trying to pull together dinner for eleven people with a surprise birthday party thrown in for good measure. So there I was, exhausted, sick, and overwhelmed with the crankiness of sick kids. It was when I was trudging upstairs from the basement lugging a basket full of laundry that I desperately prayed, “Lord, please help me. You’ve gotten me through greater trials, now just help me get dinner on the table.”
And you know what? He didn‘t just help me throw some food on the table, He made the whole evening so pleasant. The new recipe I tried for dinner turned out well, the dining room was decorated nicely, and even the margarita glasses looked festive all rimmed with sugar and topped with an orange slice. Everyone enjoyed dinner and we all had a good time with each other.

All this made me realize once again that our God not only cares about the big, high holy things we do, but also the small, seemingly unimportant things of these earthly lives. I also realized that there isn’t one thing that I do that doesn’t totally depend on God’s grace. Whether it be raising children, being a good wife, having a dinner party or simply trying to get the laundry done- all these things are done only because God wills that they are done.

I suppose the next time I’m tempted to take pride in my clean house or a successful social gathering I should remember that if God had left it totally up to me I would have flopped big time. If I believe that my God is really as sovereign as He says He is, well then I guess there’s just no room for my pride.

“A man’s heart plans his way,
But the LORD directs his steps.”
Proverbs 16:9

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barb said...

I'm way behind in my blog readings. Let me tell you that that dinner was FANTASTIC - the food, margarita, and most especially the company. Although, it wasn't the same without Joshua. I'd like to post about my dinners with the Gardners, but I'm afraind I'd be plagarizing Gaby, so I'll have to hold off on any of those posts until I come up with a better title.