Tuesday, November 07, 2006

For the Lansberry Family

Since most of you who read this blog also frequent my siblings’/friends’ blogs you’ll know by now that Margary Rose Lansberry was born early Monday morning. Every baby’s birth is a special and amazing event, but Margary’s was especially wonderful. She is the direct result of a lot of people praying a lot.

I remember weeping over the loss of the Lansberry babies that never breathed in this world. And I prayed for God to be merciful and to grant life to the new baby that was alive inside of Theresa. And God said yes.

When I saw the birth announcement email and James’ jubilant blog post I felt an inexpressible joy bubbling up and I just had to thank our good God right then and there for the marvelous gift He’d given to my friends.

The Lansberry family fall into that category of people that I’ll probably never get to be very close to in this life, but we’ll have a ball praising God together in Heaven. So, for now I’ll watch Margary grow up from afar (as I watch the other Lansberry kids) and I’ll remember the miracle of her birth and someday when we’re all together in the new World then I’ll tell her how I prayed for her and then we’ll turn and together thank our gracious Father- to His face.

What do you say, Margary? Is it a date?

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james3v1 said...

I think Margary is up for it. :0)

Thank you for your prayers and for rejoicing with us.

And we're still praying that God might move you all out here. :0)