Sunday, November 19, 2006

My Daily Thanks #10

I am thankful for my daughter’s generosity. On Friday Joshua had brought home a special brownie and when Lily saw it she asked if she could have it. Joshua said she and Malachi could share it. I jokingly said how that wasn’t fair and I thought Daddy brought the brownie home for Mommy. Joshua told Lily that Mommy would share it, too.

The next day during the kids’ nightly Snack Time I gave Lily and Malachi portions of the special brownie and then started cleaning up the dinner things. When I came back into the room I saw half of Lily’s brownie sitting at my place. That little girl had remembered that I wanted some brownie, too and made sure she shared it with me! I know how special Snack Time is to Lily and for her to share some of the precious brownie was an incredible act of self-giving for a three-year-old. I gave her brownie back to her and she got Mommy and Daddy’s praise for being so generous.

Thank you, God, for giving Lily a generous heart.

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