Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Daily Thanks #2

I’m thankful for the garbage truck. Not only does it weekly take away our refuse, but it is also the highlight of Lily and Malachi’s week. Every Thursday, as soon as we hear the garbage truck coming we stop whatever we are doing and run to a window to watch the rusted, green truck amble its way up the street. Malachi is in raptures as he sees the giant beast of a truck and squirms and jumps with excitement. Lily laughs and yells with Malachi, “Truck! Truck! It’s coming! Truck!”

Seeing the delight on my kids’ faces brightens up my day and I find that I look forward to Garbage Truck Day almost as much as they do.

Thank you, God, for the garbage truck.

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barb said...

Grace and Dora hve the same reaction every Thursday. I just didn't know what they were barking. Thank you for translating!