Wednesday, November 15, 2006

One of Those Moments

I’ve read books telling me how to be a good parent. I listen to other parents’ advice on child-raising. I pay special attention to Bible verses speaking to parents. I’ve been a parent for over three years now and I’m starting to get the hang of this thing. So why did I get stumped the other day when Lily asked me a very simple question?

There we were, at the kitchen counter making muffins. She was stirring the dry ingredients when suddenly she looked up at me and asked very seriously, “Mommy, do frogs have teeth?”
Was I so wrong to stare at her, confused, for a few seconds? And what’s worse is I wasn’t even sure of the answer at first!

Now, I ask you, what parenting book or Bible verse can prepare someone for a moment like that?


Gabrielle said...

I had to think a moment after I read this post. Do frogs have teeth? At first I couldn't remember. Don't feel bad.

At least she didn't ask you how they chew their food without teeth.

pentamom said...

Here's some advice from another parent:

"I don't know." You're allowed to say that. ;-)

And then you could always Google it and tell her later. ;-)