Friday, November 17, 2006

My Daily Thanks #8

Today I am thankful for something that happened yesterday. I was listening to the radio in the morning while the DJ was giving the weather report. “The sun certainly won’t shine today,” she said confidently. “Ha!” I thought, “That shows how much you know.” And sure enough, later that day after a heavy rain shower, the sun came out and was shining brilliantly.

It was so beautiful. There were water droplets clinging to the bush outside of our dining room window and when the sun shone its light through them they looked like millions of precious diamonds. How much more beautiful it was that the sun came out after the rain! If the sun had been shining all day then I wouldn’t have gotten to see the diamonds out my window. I think this was one more sign to me that my God really does know what He’s doing. He sends rain and stormy trials, but He also sends beauty and hope.

Thank you, God, for being in control.

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carrie said...

Oh, those wacky DJs and their weather reports.

When I was a junior in college, there was an ice storm. The radio DJ (or maybe it was a tv weatherman - I can't remember) reported:

"There's falling everywhere."